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Temporary Power and Climate Control in Springfield, MO

ServiceMaster DSI provides portable generators, lighting, air conditioning, and heaters in Springfield, Branson, and Mount Vernon, MO.

Disasters of all kinds can disable the electricity and HVAC systems in your home or office building. Power outages can render you effectively out of business. The loss of heat in winter can cause your pipes to freeze. Without air conditioning in summer, your valuables can face further damages from hot and humid conditions. If you intend to stay in the building during repair time, you also expose yourself and your family or coworkers to these less than ideal conditions. ServiceMaster DSI provides temporary power and climate control to prevent further damages during the disaster restoration process.

ServiceMaster DSI provides:

  • Temporary indoor lighting and outlets
  • Portable air conditioners up to 90 tons
  • Portable heaters up to 4,500,000 BTU
  • Whole house generators
  • Electrical generators of almost any size
  • Temporary power feed from live pole transfers when available

Don’t let disasters like water damage, storm damage, and fire damage interrupt your life while repairs are taking place. Call ServiceMaster DSI for our temporary power and climate control services in Branson, Springfield, and Mount Vernon, MO as soon as disaster strikes.

Serving Branson, Springfield, Mount Vernon and surrounding Missouri communities.