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Packout and Storage Services in Springfield, MO

ServiceMaster DSI also offers secure storage in Branson and Mount Vernon, MO for all your valuable possessions.

You have a lot to worry about when disaster strikes your home or office. Flames have done the initial damage. Smoke and ash threaten the surviving property while decreased security puts your belongings at risk of theft. With the help of ServiceMaster DSI and our packout and storage services in Springfield, MO, you can prevent the damage from spreading as you prepare to make the necessary structural repairs.

Before repairs and restoration can begin, it is important for your valuables to be taken to a safe and secure location to be cleaned and stored. Our highly trained packing and inventory staff have received hours of specialty training in packout and storage services. We will handle your belongings with utmost care. We first create a detailed inventory of the contents of your property, then carefully pack and move everything to our secure climate-controlled warehouses. Once there, our professional staff thoroughly cleans, deodorizes, and restores each item so that all of your belongings are ready for use when we return them to your home or office building. In the meantime, they will be kept safe in our large, secure storage vaults.

What you can expect from ServiceMaster DSI:

  • Complete and detailed inventory
  • Expert packing
  • Professional moving services
  • Secure and climate-controlled storage units
  • Expert restoration services
  • Access to stored contents
  • Insured and bonded services
  • Chain of custody forms

When disaster strikes, pick the obvious choice for protecting your valuables. Call ServiceMaster DSI for packout and storage services in Branson, Mount Vernon, and Springfield, MO to prevent your belongings from sustaining further damage and keep them safe and secure.

Serving Branson, Springfield, Mount Vernon and surrounding Missouri communities.