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Emergency Moving & Content Storage in Springfield, MO

ServiceMaster DSI also provides storage services in Branson and Mount Vernon, MO.

Disaster situations are a threat to the structure of your home or office. When the structure of the building is damaged, the safety and security of the area can drop dramatically, putting you at risk for theft. Your possessions are also at risk of further harm because damage often spreads after the initial disaster. Your furniture and artwork may even be forced to endure damage from the elements if electricity and climate control becomes inoperable. ServiceMaster DSI provides content storage for Springfield, MO residents to help protect your belongings until the conditions in your building are restored to normal.

Our content storage experts receive hours of professional packing and inventory training. They are able to expertly pack, inventory, and transport your valuables to our safe and secure climate-controlled warehouses. Once there, our certified technicians clean and deodorize your valuables to restore them to pre-loss conditions. Everything is then stored in large secure storage vaults until it’s time to return them to you, including your furniture and large appliances.

Here’s what you can expect from our content storage services:

  • Expert moving services
  • Secure climate-controlled storage units
  • Professional packing
  • Detailed inventory
  • Expert content storage and restoration
  • Access to stored contents
  • Chain of custody forms

Choose ServiceMaster DSI for content storage services in the communities of Branson, Springfield, and Mount Vernon, MO. Keeping your belongings safe during disaster repairs is just one of the many ways we work hard to bring you peace of mind.

Serving Branson, Springfield, Mount Vernon and surrounding Missouri communities.