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What Stage of Hoarding Needs Professional Hoarding Cleanup in Republic, MO?

February 13th, 2018 · No Comments

in-home hoarding clutter

You may not realize that hoarding is a progressive mental illness that has stages associated with it. Because hoarding is not fully understood, it may be difficult to gauge when you need professional hoarding cleanup for a loved one in Republic, MO. (Please note that this blog applies only to the need for physical cleanup and doesn’t address the mental health issues that may need to be dealt with, as that will vary from person to person)

First Level: Clutter is evident, but there are no blocked entryways or biohazards in the home. The home may need sanitation and help with going through items to donate to reduce the clutter present.

Second Level: Hallways are crowded, entrances to rooms are blocked, and appliances may not work. The home will have unpleasant odors and may show signs of mold or mildew present. The home needs cleaning, disinfecting, and mold remediation services along with clutter reduction.

Third Level: Structural damage to the home is visible, and the outside of the home may be affected. Rooms in the home may be unusable, and if there are animals present, there may be urine, feces, or signs of other pests. This home will need full-service hoarding cleanup and may also require construction services.

Fourth Level: Obvious mold damage, hazardous wiring, and unusable appliances are the hallmark of this level. The house may also be invaded by animals such as rats, mice, or raccoons. The home will reek of bacteria and mold and may have biohazards present. At this stage, the hoarder may be living in only one room and their health may be compromised. Along with hoarding cleanup services and reconstruction, mental health, county, and state workers need to be present to assist.

Fifth Level: The home is inhabitable. No electricity or running water and a severe pest infestation is present. The occupant may no longer be able to be in the home at all and may be living in a garage, car, or another nearby area, but refuses to give up items inside. Damages at this level may go beyond hoarding cleanup, and the home may need to be razed and reconstructed if the damage is too severe to restore it to pre-loss condition.

If you or a loved one are dealing with a hoarding situation in Republic, MO, please call us. We understand the unique needs of hoarding cleanup and can help you navigate a difficult situation. Contact us at (417) 895-9685.

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Protecting Your Home from Wildfires and Fire Damage Restoration in Branson, MO

February 12th, 2018 · No Comments


Owning a home can be a wonderful and enriching experience. No matter how old or young you are, having a place to call your own is priceless. Homes provide protection for you and your family, and give you a chance to show off your personality. While home ownership has many benefits, there are responsibilities you can’t ignore. If your community experiences wildfires, you have to think about how you’re going to protect your Branson, MO home from the need for fire damage restoration. Keep reading to discover what you can do.

Move Debris Away from Your Home

Before you do anything else, scan through your landscaping and look for any debris that would help spread a fire to your home. This includes flammable toys, leaves, and more. Set aside a Saturday to do this. If you feel you can’t do it alone, ask a friend or family member to help. You’ll feel better when you get it all done. In the case of leaves, especially during the fall, you may have to clean them up regularly. Talk to a fire damage remediation company like us for additional advice.

Make Sure Your Address Is Visible

During the summer, when all the flowers and plants are in bloom, go out to the front of your house and see if you can make your out address, whether the numbers are by your front door or on the curb. This is very, very important. Firefighters need to be able to find your home to put out fires. If they can’t see the address, they can’t help you. You’ll be able to avoid fire damage restoration.

Protecting your home against any type of fire is a crucial task. Call ServiceMaster DSI of Branson, MO for reliable fire damage restoration assistance that keeps your satisfaction at the forefront. You can reach us at (417) 895-9685, or go here for more information.

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Why You Should Never Attempt Trauma Cleanup with Bleach in Ozark, MO

January 23rd, 2018 · No Comments


If your home or business just when through a traumatic event, you’re likely thinking about how you can recover as soon as possible. You’re not sure about how the process works, so you figure you should try to do the cleanup yourself. You’ll save money and time, right? Why should you bother to hire a trauma cleanup company in Ozark, MO, or elsewhere? Bleach should do it, and you have a large container of the stuff in the garage or janitor’s closet. At ServiceMaster DSI, we strongly discourage trying to deal with the aftermath of a traumatic event by yourself, and we especially discourage the use of bleach. Why? We’ll explain.

It Doesn’t Kill All Bacteria

No matter what the commercials or customer service reps might tell you, bleach doesn’t actually get rid of every hazard when you use it. It might look like it, but this isn’t the case. Certain kinds of bleaches may only work on certain kinds of bacteria, and what you use may not work on what you’re trying to remove from the trauma scene, preventing proper biohazard cleanup. Even if you talk to somebody at the store, they likely won’t be able to help you, or they won’t understand the situation.

It’s Bad for Your Health

When you use bleach, it can actually be bad for your body. When you inhale too many fumes while cleaning with bleach, you may start to feel ill. You could wind up with headaches, nose bleeds, chest pain, and much more. If the problem is serious enough, you may have to go to the hospital. These health issues are especially likely if the room isn’t properly ventilated. It’s important to talk to a trauma cleanup company if you have questions.

Call ServiceMaster DSI of Ozark, MO, for reliable trauma cleanup assistance that keeps your safety and satisfaction at the forefront. You can reach us at (417) 895-9685, or go here for more information.

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Watching out for Water Damage Under Your Home in Branson, MO

January 22nd, 2018 · No Comments


water damage in homeYou’re probably aware of the ways that water can damage your home in Branson, MO. Water from storms can cause damage, toilets can overflow, roofs can become damaged from high winds and let in rainfall, the list goes on. But something you may not know about is damage that is more insidious—damage from a leak in your foundation.

If your home is built on a slab foundation, your plumbing supply and drainage pipes are in your foundation. Poor craftsmanship, pressure, and natural elements can cause damage to these foundations. Water building up underneath is referred to as a slab leak. These leaks can cause lots of damage to the structure of your home and should be repaired immediately so the foundation of the home is not severely compromised.

How will you know you have a slab foundation leak? The number one clue is that your water bill skyrockets without reason. If you can’t find a leak anywhere, you may be dealing with an unseen slab leak below your foundation. Other signs include water spots on the floor of your basement or the discoloring or warping of flooring. If this happens, you’ll need a plumber to help you repair the damage under the foundation and ServiceMaster to help you with the water damage in your home.

We have been serving the Branson, MO and Southwestern Missouri areas with quality water damage restoration as a reputable member under the ServiceMaster umbrella. When you call us, we get the job done right, the first time. We understand that when you are dealing with a problem in your home, it’s frustrating. Our homes are our sanctuaries, and we want to help you feel good in your home again as soon as possible.  Our helpful staff is here for you 24/7/365 to assist with water damage restoration. Contact us at (417) 895-9685.

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Protecting Your Carpet from A Snow Disaster and The Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Nixa, MO

January 4th, 2018 · No Comments

snow removal

Snow may look pretty, and it might conjure up images of a warm and happy holiday season, but it definitely has its dark side. Snow can really damage your carpeting, leaving you with an expensive mess and the need for serious carpet cleaning in your Nixa, MO, home. As the snow accumulates outside, it also makes its way inside over time. How do you fight back and prevent snow from getting into your home and the problems it causes by dampening your day and draining your wallet? The information below should help!

 Put Mats in Front of Every Entry Point

If you want to avoid the spread of snow and gritty, filthy materials onto your carpeting such as mud and dirt or road salt, sand, and other types of chemicals used to melt ice and snow, place mats in front of every entry point, even if you don’t think a certain entry point will be used during the winter. The mats don’t have to be fancy or expensive, but if you want them to last, you should try to get the best mats you can. Mats made of certain materials can be wiped down if they become stained. Don’t be afraid to ask guests to wipe their feet so you won’t have to deal with carpet cleaning.

 Wipe Down Your Pets

Unless you put booties on your pet’s paws when you take them out for a walk, your pet’s paws are going to track mud, road salt, and snow into the house. Make sure to wipe their paws before you allow them to walk on your carpeting. If you’re not careful, you may even have to look into oriental rug cleaning.

Call ServiceMaster DSI of Nixa, MO, for reliable carpet cleaning assistance that keeps your satisfaction at the forefront. You can reach us at (417) 895-9685 or go here for more information.

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What’s Included with Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Springfield, MO

December 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

fire fighting restoration

House fires are listed by most people as one of the things they fear the most. In addition to the damage to the home and your belongings, the lingering soot and smoke can affect rooms in your home where flames never reached. A home that has experienced fire damage can be unsafe to inhabit for weeks, or even months, if fire damage restoration isn’t performed quickly.

During the firefighting efforts is often when the home sustains the most damage. The water used to extinguish the flames saturates ceiling, walls, carpeting, and subflooring, weakening the already damaged structure. If water damage is not remediated quickly, this can encourage mold and bacteria growth. Immediate fire damage restoration services are required to restore your home to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

Professional fire damage services include the following:

  • Removal and cleanup of standing water
  • Use of powerful drying equipment to remove moisture
  • Cleaning carpets, upholstery, and other soft furnishings
  • Categorizing damage for insurance purposes
  • Cleaning soot and smoke from every surface
  • Pack-out services for anything we cannot clean on-site
  • Structural restoration, if needed

We’ve worked with many families in Springfield, MO, and we understand the pain and sense of loss people go through after a house fire. Our trained, professional technicians take the time to thoroughly explain each step of the fire damage restoration process, treating you and your possessions with respect. We work in tandem with municipal authorities to make sure anything disposed of is done according to local ordinances, and we also work with your insurance company to ensure every possible aspect of coverage you are entitled to for fire damage restoration is provided. During all phases of packing, moving, and restoration you’ll be kept informed and treated with respect.

Because we know that fire damage can happen anytime day or night, and we’re available for your call 24/7/365. For professional fire damage restoration in Springfield, MO, count on ServiceMaster DSI. Contact us immediately at (417) 895-9685.

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After the Fire in Springfield, MO; Getting your Business Back on Track with Commercial Carpet Cleaning

December 11th, 2017 · No Comments

business fire

After your business sustains a fire in Springfield, MO, you’re dealing with a lot of issues. You’ve got staff or employees who want reassurance, vendors to deal with, and possibly meetings with insurance companies and local authorities. It’s a difficult time with lots of moving parts. The one thing you won’t have to worry about, if you hire ServiceMaster DSI, is taking care of fire damage. We’re here to help, and one of the things we specialize in is caring for your carpeting after fire damage.

Floorcovering is often one of the most significant expenses in a building. In any fire damage restoration, our goal is to save as much of the original items in the building as possible. However, soot and smoke are very difficult to remove from carpeting with traditional cleaning methods. You need a professional carpet cleaning company with extensive fire damage restoration skills. Our technicians are trained in fire damage restoration, using powerful extractors that can remove water, smells, and oils from the fibers of the carpeting.

The restoration process takes place in steps to ensure optimum results and begins with packing out any items from the area and safely storing them. We take care of all of this for you to ready your carpet for cleaning and restoration. An inspection will be conducted to assess the damage. The standing water will be removed and the space dried thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew. We then get to work cleaning and deodorizing the carpet, padding, and any substrate below. Without these steps, the odor will linger, and further damage to the carpet can occur. Don’t trust carpet cleaning after a fire to just anyone; you need a fire damage expert.

If your Springfield, MO business has sustained fire damage, we can be on site quickly to help and determine the required steps to facilitate a speedy restoration. Leave the restoration to us while you deal with the pressing issues to keep your business running during this crisis. We’re the experts in fire damage restoration and available 24/7/365 to help. If your business suffers a fire, contact us immediately at (417) 895-9685.

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How to Deal with a Hoarding Spouse and Hoarding Cleanup in Nixa, MO

December 8th, 2017 · No Comments

hoarding evidence

Hoarding effects people of all ages and backgrounds, and dealing with it when a member of your own family is struggling with it can be difficult. You don’t know how to help them, and your anger and frustration sometimes overcomes you. Why can’t they just stop bringing junk into the house? Why do they get so upset if you offer to throw something away? Why can’t they understand that their hoarding is a real problem? Before you bring up the issue of hoarding cleanup, check out the information below. Both you and the person suffering from the hoarding disorder in your Nixa, MO, home are sure to benefit.

 Don’t Sneakily Throw Things Away

You probably think your spouse won’t notice some missing books from an assemblage of hundreds or a single trash bag from a large pile, but they can and do pay attention to what is around them. They’ll confront you, and this will only make the situation worse. You can’t be sneaky about it – they shouldn’t be left in the dark about your plans. Yes, hoarding can hide issues that need to be addressed, such as water damage restoration, but you can’t rush the process. Would you want somebody to come into your house and grab your DVD collection or kitchen utensils without asking? Probably not. Put yourself in their shoes.

 Consider Therapy

It’s important to provide your spouse with a therapist who can help them work through their problems. Therapy can also benefit you – your well-being and happiness is also important. A therapist can warm your spouse up to the idea of hoarding cleanup without making them feel alone or attacked. Hoarding is very personal, and a professional hand is often necessary.

Call ServiceMaster DSI of Nixa, MO, for reliable hoarding cleanup assistance that keeps your satisfaction at the forefront. You can reach us at (417) 895-9685, or go here for more information.

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Crime Prevention Tips for Your Business to Avoid the Need for Trauma Cleanup in Branson, MO

November 27th, 2017 · No Comments

crime preventionThough most business owners don’t like to think about it, crime can and does happen more often than one may wish to think. Regardless of your best efforts, crimes can happen in the middle of a store or office building, and you have to do what you can to keep your employees safe and avoid the need for trauma cleanup. How do you do that? Can you really make a difference for your Branson, MO team? If you’re not sure, read the tips below. They should help you get started. Still need help? Contact ServiceMaster DSI and we’ll be happy to assist you.

 Hire A Security Team

It’s incredibly important to have a security guard on site. If you should run into trouble with a customer or client, they can escort the person out of the building before anything escalates. They’ll also take some of the burden off your shoulders and keep an eye out for any hazards. Security personnel can also view video footage to make sure everything is operating as it should. You won’t have to put the job on another employee who needs to focus on something else. These are benefits you can’t ignore no matter how big or small your business is. For some people, security guards are enough of a deterrent to keep them from creating a situation that requires crime scene cleanup.

 Invest in Locks and Proper Lighting

Make sure every door that leads outside has a lock. Don’t give out keys to people who don’t work there or those you deem untrustworthy. Part of preventing the need for trauma cleanup is making sure your business is secure, well lit, and safe for customers and employees alike.

Call ServiceMaster DSI of Branson, MO for reliable trauma cleanup assistance that keeps your satisfaction at the forefront. You can reach us here.

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Signs of Water Damage in Your Republic, MO, Home or Office

November 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

water leak

When you sustain water damage from floods or appliances you’ll know something is wrong right away. Pipes burst, water heaters malfunction, or outside flooding creeps into a basement causing water damage. But there are more insidious forms of water damage that may be happening in your home or business that are leaving clues you may be missing. To help prevent water damage to you Republic, MO, facility or home, watch for these signs.

Musty Odors. If there is water dripping behind walls, it will seep into the sheetrock, wood supports, and flooring. Over time it will develop a musty smell as the organic materials begin to mold internally. Never ignore a musty smell!

Mold in Unusual Areas of the Home. Mold likes to grow in damp areas such as a bathroom or a kitchen. If you see it growing on an interior wall, this spells trouble. Behind that wall there’s likely an undetected leak that needs to be addressed.

Stains on the Wall. Any stain that suddenly shows up on a wall means there’s water behind it. It could spell plumbing problems or a leak in the walls or ceiling that is letting moisture in.

Peeling Paint. Check near the seams in all rooms. These hidden corners are often missed. Puckered or peeling paint or wallpaper means trouble behind the sheetrock.

Warped Sheetrock or Drywall. Even a tiny leak can eventually cause the wall to buckle and bend. Over time, this can also harbor mold if not remediated.

Stained floors and buckled ceilings. If there is damage to the structure of the ceiling or floor, water is often the culprit.

If your home or business facility in Republic, MO, has sustained water damage, we can be on site quickly to help and minimize the damages. We can provide full-service water damage restoration, mold remediation, and structural repairs. Don’t delay when you find signs of water damage, contact us at (417) 895-9685.

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